Attitude Adjustments

Last night, my husband and I were talking about having the right attitude about things. I’m very nervous about going back to work, even working from home again, because (if I even get that position) I’ll still have to go through training in the office for a couple of weeks and then work very odd shifts from home once my training is done. Those shifts will definitely disrupt my sleep schedule, which generally makes me more symptomatic.

His point was I should have a better attitude, and “see” myself doing well and succeeding, dealing well with the schedule, etc. I agree with his sentiment…I really do. However, I also had to explain that when you develop health problems when you were an otherwise type-A person who functioned at top-speed, it’s shakes you to the core. I DO have real concerns now about getting faint, sick, or dizzy at work during training, or having a very hard time adjusting to the new sleep schedule. In the past, I wouldn’t have even blinked an eye about any of it. Now, my life is just weird because I feel like I have to baby myself most days in order to function well.

But I do agree with the spouse…an attitude adjustment is in order. I’m going to tell myself I can do this, I can only do my best, and my top priority is staying in tip-top shape for work. If that means no other obligations, less housework, so be it.

During my counseling internship, my clinical supervisor told me something I’ll never forget…something to discuss with clients. She said, “Ask yourself this question…am I doing the best I can? If the answer is yes, that’s all you can do.” Good words of wisdom.

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  1. I think you have a healthy balance of the two. Personally, if I didn’t mentally prepare myself for how sick doing something is going to make me, I’d be devastated when it happened. I like to be realistic and think I’ll do a great job and enjoy myself, but at the same time be well aware I’m setting myself up to get sick. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with thinking of the negatives as long as you still also think of the positives. Good luck!😊

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